It Takes More Than Legs to Stand....

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Hello gang, today I present to you my photograph of a lifelong family friend whom I have known since I was 12 (so.. 30+ years.... or so...). Lyla who was born dead, fought for life, diagnosed with CP at 4 months of age and overcame and rose above her disability by moving away from all the assistance she could ask for to live life without family support and graduate from college on her own. She just received news that her grandson was born today (01/24/16) which makes her a grandmother twice over. I have watched Lyla serve God and her community over the years through counseling volunteering on several community boards. She is valued in her community and in my family.

Lyla has a book that will be published and available in April called "It Takes More Than Legs to Stand". Lyla called me last week to ask for a book jacket portrait, the resulting images are what I obtained yesterday. We shot in her cramped apartment after moving furniture around her 10x14 kitchen/entry area to make room for my lights.... for those interested in the details,... 1/250, f10, ISO 100, 50mm on an Olympus (2x crop) E-3 at about 1.5 meters distance.

It was a challenge to shoot at eye level or below and not get any Octobox reflection in the glasses while also keeping catch lights in the eyes. I believe I had my hair light a tad strong resulting in some overfill on her left (visually your right) temple.... I also had issues with the fill light umbrella reflecting in her glasses... I should have put that on the ground aimed up to avoid that and to help fill under the chin... Main light (24" Octabox) camera left and while too high normally, high enough to avoid reflections on the glasses..... fill camera left... hair light camera left and set about 7' with a 30 degree honeycomb grid... green screen background....

Oh, and for those wondering.... she preferred, upon my asking to have her hands in most of the shots... C&C will be welcome, so fire away..




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