Shopping cart for some, free for others?

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I can't quite wrap my head around how on SM to do something.

Lets say I have a client who allows me to shoot the events and open a shopping cart to sell the images to the participants. For that access/sales arrangement, I in turn provide the images to the client for use in their marketing and operations activities at no charge. ie: I get access/sales opportunities and she gets use of the images for free.

If the shopping cart is enabled, the customers simply choose, put in the cart and checkout. But for her, the images are no charge.

How do I make that easy for her to view, select and download the images at no charge while still charging for others? Is it somehow tied to the "Upload Password" function which might give her access to the gallery, or is that on the upload only side? I've not experimented yet, rather hoping someone has a solution already formulated for this scenario.




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    Hi Scott,
    That's easily achieved with the "download buttons" setting in combination with a download password. Only if the person enters the correct download password, would they be able to download photos from the gallery.
    For more details on the feature, take a look here.
    Visitors that don't have the download password, would still be able to purchase the photos via our shopping cart as before.
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    Excellent! I just didn't know how to do it but thought there was a way. Again thank you. I will try this later.
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