Have to refresh page everytime I delete an image.

YngwieVanhouckdeYngwieVanhouckde Registered Users Posts: 1 Beginner grinner
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So I uploaded an album, then I check the images and I delete the ones that aren't needed no more. But now I have to Refresh the page everytime after I deleted an image. It's quit irritating.

Anyone got the same problem or knows why I am having this problem?



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    rainforest1155rainforest1155 Registered Users Posts: 4,566 Major grins
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    Hi Yngwie and welcome to DGrin! wave.gif
    In the organizer, the wrench button > delete photo tool currently doesn't automatically refreshes the gallery, so photos may not be removed until you refresh manually. That is currently the way the delete tool in the organizer works.

    Instead of using the organizer, you could also use the wrench button delete tool below photos in the gallery. That should work better for you as it would automatically move on to the next photo.

    Instead of deleting one photo at a time, you could also consider selecting the desired photos in the organizer and then use the wrench button > delete tool at the upper part to delete the photos in bulk. That would also have the organizer refresh on its own to remove the selected photos
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