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Well, I found some of my shots on a porn site so I wondered what to do. Well, one way of posting a low res shot that is a combination of a number of shots. That way if you pull it apart there are not too many pixels.
I found though that the genesis of this was not the reason for it any rather I found I liked posting one photo instead of five and it is pretty neat. I can think of lots of things to do with this process too.

24400761623_ca40740684_b.jpgKatlyn-20160118_DSC8756-Edit.jpg by tinstafl, on Flickr

24890022412_85fb88deb2_b.jpgHunts-20160212_DSC9564-Edit-2.jpg by tinstafl, on Flickr

24906055712_f2514f774b_b.jpgVictoria&Phillip-20160105_DSC8402-Edit.jpg by tinstafl, on Flickr
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