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I am thinking about developing my MF and 35mm Black and White film. I have developed B&W films 10-25 years ago in collage. Long time ago.

My question: how much does it cost the buy the necessary tools/chemicals.

What do I need to start?

Thanks so much for all the help!


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    A completely dark room to load the film.

    Ideally a way to control the temp of the water or but you don't really need that, just a thermometer to check it. This isn't as important with B&W VS color but you should get it roughly in the right temp range.

    A development tank is cheap and people likely have some they'll sell you for a few bucks or even give away, brand new you can get a decent one for 2 rolls for about 25 USD. I have 3 in my studio right now that haven't been used in 7 years.


    Stop bath.


    Fixer remover.

    And then a place without dust floating around to dry your film.

    If you're going to reuse your fixer for a bunch of rolls there are fixer check droplets to make sure that it's still good.

    For small bottles of those chemicals is 5-12 USD each and that's the amount I'd buy right now to make sure you like it.

    I don't believe I missed anything but I stopped regularly developing film about a decade ago so I'd double check what I said. There should be tons of youtube videos and other tutorials on the web about it.
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    pegs with a loop of string through the spring{hanging to dry

    one of those plug into tap shower hose....pull the rose of and use that into youre tank{to the bottom} to wash

    do youre drying overnight in the bathroom{wack all the hot watter on to steam it up a little}that settles the dust

    never even bothered with "fixer remover" its not nesasary in the least if you wash youre film corectly

    a little bottle of wetting agent{kinda like a soap} itll stop spotting on youre film as it drys
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