Alienbees B800s and accessories

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For sale, hopefully as a package:

2 Alienbees B800s
2 light bags (one zipper broken)
2 Heavy Duty 13' stands
1 64" parabolic umbrella with white diffuser and Buff speedring
2 Elinchrom 33" umbrellas (silver and translucent)


Asking $675 + shipping. That is 80% of the original value before tax. Willing to split up if noone buys the package within a reasonable time. thanks for looking. I know I am new(ish) around here, ebay user 2djennings if my feedback profile there means anything


  • katushkakatushka Beginner grinner Registered Users Posts: 1 Beginner grinner
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    Are these still available? How used are they? I'm looking for Alienbees, so probably wouldn't go for the whole package.
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