Nikon 200-400mm f4 VR I - Asking $2750

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I'm selling this beast because I finally took the plunge to pick up the VR II version (I only handhold the lens, so the VRII was of interest to me). This one is a great lens, with lots to offer its next owner. You'd be the third owner of the lens. I bought it from a wildlife/outdoor photographer. I'm a wedding/event photographer with a secret love of getting outside with wildlife. I used this with a handful of brides and a few outings with bears/birds/glaciers.

I'd rank it as 8.5/10.

Asking $2650 OBO

(I'd like to get a net of $2500 to me - you could get it for less than $2650 if you wanted to pay through EFT, etc). Generally, I've seen this lens sell for $3000-4000 depending on condition.

[strike]Why the lower price? Two things: First, I don't have any of the extras (bags, boxes, etc) - I hadn't received them from the original owner because he went through a divorce and things were lost/left behind in the break. And secondly, the lens hood had been over tightened by the previous owner in cold weather and caused the clamping mechanism to fail - the carbon hood itself is in great shape but that clamp makes it a more manual process to get the hood on.[/strike]
UPDATE: I have replaced the hood (item used 9/10), soft lens cap and lens storage bag (both new 10/10), and will include them with the sale.

It will also come with the Kirk foot which makes for a great handle to carry the lens (and of course mount on your tripod).

Pictures of the lens can be seen here: http://photos.codyjbennett.com/Other/For-Sale/200-400mmVR1/n-LpLmLX/

Thanks for checking it out! PM with questions.

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