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Hi All,

My first travel album on the new Olympus OMD baby, and what better place to test its capability than Hong Kong's sweeping urbanscape of over 7mil-strong population. Things have not terribly changed as compared to my earlier trip four years ago, but my focus has. This round is mostly about the charming public housing estates made famous by instagram. My only wish is that I had the luxury of time to comb each and every one of them and squeeze all the photography opportunity dry, but that may require that I be based there for awhile, perhaps not something that I would not entertain.

Pic 1:

Pic 2:

Pic 3:

Pic 4:

Pic 5:

Pic 6:

Pic 7:

Pic 8:

The full album is available here:

Thanks all.



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    What an interesting set of photos! My favorites are #4 and 5, just amazing.

    --- Denise
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    wonderful photos, i really loved how you converted ordinary things into piece of art. Well seen well captured.
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    Always love your posts and pictures, Patrick. And anyone else reading this I urge them to visit Patrick's blog and websites and look around for a while. Some really great stuff up there!
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    Very much agree with the other commenters!
    What an eye you have... I'm a big fan of your work!
    Eric ~ Smugmug
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    thanks all for your support! :)
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    I enjoyed all of your photos! Beautiful!!
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