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Hello, I have been out of the wedding business for about 10 years and have been thinking of getting back in. I use to shot an RB 6x7 for the Formals and 35mm for the reception. Old school style with photo-journalistic shooting for the reception. Anyway thinking of getting back into it. I currently own a Sony A850, and an A6000 with the 18-105mm F4 lens and have to say that I love that little camera. My question is, is the Sony A850 still viable for wedding photography and does anyone have any experience with this camera shooting weddings. I am aware that is not the camera it is the person behind the lens that makes the difference. Oh and I shot raw. While the jpgs coming out of the A6000 are good nothing beats a good set of eyes and noise reduction in Adobe photoshop or lightroom. Let me know your thoughts


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    Hi there tmatthews,

    I think it definitely comes down to the level of confidence and competence that you have with your existing system. It's certainly capable, though the A850 might leave a little to be desired in the low light focusing department, and the high ISO department, compared to more current 24 megapixel full-frame cameras such as a Nikon D750 or such.

    But if you already have lots of practice in these journalistic style shooting conditions during receptions or similar conditions, then you should be fine. After all, like you said it's the experience and the eye that matters most. As long as you don't promise something you can't deliver to a bride, or totally ruin all the photos by not having the right lenses for the job, then you'll do very well. I hope this helps!

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    I used the A900 for years (came before the A850). It was a great camera... but I changed to the A99 and used the A900 along side for a few months before selling it and getting two A99s instead. I loved the A900... really love it but wouldn't go back to a camera with an optical view finder if you paid me... which is what my customers do ;) the A99 is a fabulous camera and makes my life so much easier. Sony cameras are serious contenders for the wedding market. That is why more and more people are jumping away from Canon and Nikon. Have a look at their small body series too...


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