A fashion lookbook session on a NYC Rooftop.

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I had my first big commercial gig in NYC last week. I photographed for an awesome clothing company Mosaic by Ali. Here are some of my favorites :)

1. 1795134_orig.jpg
2. 9772588_orig.jpg
3. 6210827_orig.jpg
4. 4428200_orig.jpg
5. 1101901_orig.jpg
6. 8591819_orig.jpg
7. 1727712_orig.jpg
8. 424900_orig.jpg
9. 4469736_orig.jpg
10. 994971_orig.jpg
11. 4746412_orig.jpg
12. 9297402_orig.jpg
13. 4703548_orig.jpg

There's more on my blog too. Thanks for viewing! :)
wedding portfolio michaelglennphoto.com
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