Nik Collection now free (as in beer)

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Google announced that the Nik Collection is now available for free. I paid $150 for it several years ago just to get Silver Efex Pro II, which I love and use all the time for B&W conversions. I haven't spent any time with the other components, but hey, it sure sounds like an offer nobody should refuse. :deal

The downside of this may be that it is a sign that Google doesn't plan to do any further development on the suite. That's speculation, but it wouldn't be surprising.

BTW, if you purchased it during 2016, Google says they'll give you a refund. I'm not eligible, but I'm not complaining--it was money well spent.


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    Thanks for the tip, Richard! I've always been interested but too stingy to try them.

    Cheers, Sara
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    Thanks for the notice, Richard. clap.gif
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    Already down loaded

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    I agree with Richard. I use these programs a great deal. Nik Color Effex Pro "Detail Extractor " can make a picture really pop and that's just the beginning!
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    I have used these Nik plug ins for some time, too.

    This is not the first time Google has made them available at no charge either - I got mine a few years back during a similar give away.

    I particularly like Color FX Pro and Silver FX.

    I downloaded them again yesterday to have a set for a lap top that I only use occasionally, but since they are free......
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