NIK Software is now FREE

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Google has decided to give away Nik software for FREE.
It used to be $500, then $149. Now free. Cant beat that.
If you purchased the software in 2016 Google will be sending you a refund.

Get it at


  • BMW KurtBMW Kurt Registered Users Posts: 229 Major grins

    Apparently this is no longer the case. I recently purchased a new computer and when I went to download the NIK software the link above did not work. A little Googleing and it appears NIK has been sold to DxO. It appears after a 30 day free trial it will cost you $69 to continue to use the filters.

  • RichardRichard Administrators, Vanilla Admin Posts: 19,717 moderator
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    This isn't really bad news. Google was giving it away, then announced they were abandoning it, so at least it will get some support going forward. I hope DxO will recognize earlier license holders. Nothing beats free but $69 is actually a pretty good deal.

  • bike21bike21 Registered Users Posts: 836 Major grins

    I just re-purchased Nik plugins for $50 as I missed having Sliver Efex after wiping my computer and purposefully starting from scratch. Turns out my old Nik software didn't run on Mojave so $50 it was. Worthy investment.

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