Smugmug Upload API giving invalid response

kevinikevini Registered Users Posts: 16 Big grins
Wanted to post this in case others hit it, currently it seems the upload url using
Rest API uploads, but on the response, it fails xml validation as the header has 2 <?xml ... > header tags.

I tend to do a mass upload with my custom uploader every month or so and didn't notice this last time, not sure how long it has been broken. I was able to have my uploader ignore the first <?xml tag in the response (the response is where it indicates the imagekey for the new file), but since I think everyone has their own custom uploaders for Smugmug, wanted to send this out if you are experiencing problems.


  • gabbiegabbie Registered Users Posts: 66 Many Grins
    edited April 19, 2016
    For anyone following along with this post, the double header was a bug on our side that has since been fixed. Thanks to kevini for bringing it to our attention!
    SmugMug Product Manager
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