Volume Discounting...again

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As a school portrait photographer, I do things a bit differently than the traditional companies.

What I never understood are PACKAGES. They have existed for school portraits forever, but they really make no sense.

In order to receive a deal, the customer has to buy what is included in that package. In most cases, there are products in there they don't really want.

An easier way to do this is to just offer Volume Discounting for specific order amounts. Pretty simple.

And, Smugmug, I think it's time for you to be more forward-thinking and add this ASAP. Currently, you need a coupon code. But if a customer forgets to enter the code, they shouldn't be penalized. Coupons are good for promotions, stuff like that. For volume discounting, it should be automatic.

It can't be that hard to code.





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    I agree. Especially with regard to a "volume" discount which could be applied to any and every sale where the total dollar amount reaches specific levels. This is very simply to add to any algorithm and SmugMug should include it ASAP for those choosing to make use of it.
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    Totally agree.
    I have a similar business model with dog shows and dog sporting events. When people want to buy ALL photos of their dog, I end up doing a transaction outside of SmugMug... so in essence, SmugMug is losing money by not offering this. 15% commission on full gallery sales, could add up fast.
    Volume discounts either by number of photos purchased, or by total dollar value of an order would be awesome.

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