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I need some guidance on where to go and build a report, I noticed on my Real Time overview for Google Analytics tonight I could tell when someone was working in the /cart on my site. They went from billing shipping confirm etc.. Would love to learn how to build a report on how to see where folks stop based on what google is telling me.. Can you folks help since Smugmug can't tell us?



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    AceCo55AceCo55 Registered Users Posts: 950 Major grins
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    Have a look at "Statcounter" - you just have to paste in code from Statcounter into your Entire Site css content block
    They have a free version, but if you want a reasonable quantity of decent/specific info there are monthly subscription plans

    One of their metrics is "Exit Page"
    Another metric is "Visitor Path"
    You can drill down to see the behaviour/path of individual users.

    I have no commercial interest in Statcounter - I'm just a user.
    I also use Google analytics and Smugmug statistics
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