Latino Cultural Festival

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A new and local photography biz called the other day... they accidentally double booked themselves for this weekend (husband/wife small company). They had committed to a free shoot for the local Business Chamber to shoot their 12th annual Cultural Festival and asked if I might be able to assist.

Since I am trying to get some business from them and have access to shoot some events (local theater, etc) that I normally don't get invited to shoot, I figured this would be a good way to back door myself in the future..... big picture thinking if you don't mind the bad pun...

Anyhoo, I shot for a couple of hours, this was the big dance they do every year... I told the local Chamber that these were Creative Commons, Public Domain.... I know everybody will try to steal them and nobody will bother purchasing... and it wasn't the whole point anyhow... a favor for the local competition and the City's Chamber of Commerce is never a bad thing.

1. Hillsboro%20Latino%20Cultural%20Festival-292-XL.jpg

2. Hillsboro%20Latino%20Cultural%20Festival-395-X2.jpg

3. Hillsboro%20Latino%20Cultural%20Festival-567-XL.jpg

4. Hillsboro%20Latino%20Cultural%20Festival-685-X2.jpg

5. Hillsboro%20Latino%20Cultural%20Festival-788-XL.jpg

6. Hillsboro%20Latino%20Cultural%20Festival-903-X2.jpg

7. Hillsboro%20Latino%20Cultural%20Festival-924-XL.jpg

8. Hillsboro%20Latino%20Cultural%20Festival-1072-X2.jpg

9. Hillsboro%20Latino%20Cultural%20Festival-1151-X2.jpg

10. Hillsboro%20Latino%20Cultural%20Festival-1309-XL.jpg

More can be seen on my page.... http://www.prismaticimagery.com/People/Client-Files/2016-Hillsboro-Latino-Cultural
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    Very colorful
    Nice shots too
    Yo soy Reynaldo
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