Real Estate Videos using Drone Technology

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Hi -
This is becoming an increasing market of using Drones and 3D Videos to promote commercial and non-commercial Real Estate.

Article :
Telling a property's story: Area Realtors employ drones, other high-tech professional photography methods

Photographer :
RKO Photography

Video Tours

Simply thought I would share - jerryr


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    A very well written and accurate portrayal of UAV use in the real estate industry. I enjoyed clicking through your vids as well :)
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    I started to read the article then the site's advertising clogged up my browser and I couldn't continue - I hate sites like that. Wow good advertising outcome crash the audiences' browser.

    Did the article address the true costs required of the photographer to do drone photography for commercial purposes? Do you have to be a licensed pilot? How much extra is required for liability insurance relating to a business operating a drone? What is the drone operator's CODB? What are realtors willing to pay?

    Sometimes I think realtors push this because they don't want to hire photographers who will take the time to find good angles and shoot the properties under the right lighting, can't do that if you're trying to hit 20 houses in a day. Seriously here in the DMV I would say 10% of properties look good from a drone's perspective the other 90% show that we all are living in a cramped fishbowl with endless rows of rooftops.

    And those 10% might make it to a portfolio article advertising realtor's services but I'll bet the actual buyers who can afford those style of homes are not persuaded by drone footage.
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    New article about Real Estate Photography and Web Site design.

    Questions about how the business/market can be address by RKO Photography. His site has some excellent examples of the technology in use. The demand for high definition images and videos has increased over the past year.

    enjoy - jerryr
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