When will API v2.0 come out of beta?

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I've been using v1.3.0 of the SmugMug API for a couple of years and I've been waiting for v2.0 to come out of beta so that I can start using that new version.
However I notice that v1.3.0 is now deprecated, but v2.0 is still in beta.
When is v2.0 coming out of beta? When should I move my app to using that version of the API, i.e. when will it be stable and not beta?



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    Thanks for your continued patience with regard to API v2.0. We still don't currently date for when we will remove the beta label, but we have been recommending that developers migrate their apps to use it. While it is still being worked on, I can tell you that we use it internally for many areas of our apps and website. API 1.3 does not support many of the features that were introduced when we launched our New SmugMug platform, so for most customers it doesn't supply an adequate experience. We will give sufficient notice before taking the older API versions offline entirely, but we are not actively updating them and will only be adding new functionality to API v2.0.

    When I have any more details about timelines or other updates, I'll make sure the information is announced here on Dgrin. :)
    SmugMug Product Manager
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