Evil eyes

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I guess the picture says it all:
A photographer without a style, is like a pub without beer


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    David_S85David_S85 Administrators Posts: 13,199 moderator
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    Great idea and processing on this. I'm fine with the amount of negative space, and that enhances the result even more. I could swear something like this pic was posted by you a few years ago?
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    SamSam Registered Users Posts: 7,419 Major grins
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    Yep, another very fine image from across the ocean.

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    reyvee61reyvee61 Registered Users Posts: 1,877 Major grins
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    Very nice
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    HackboneHackbone Registered Users Posts: 4,027 Major grins
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    What a beautiful image, sure wish it was mine. To my eye it seems to run downhill a bit and that really bothers my eye. Other than that....WOW!!!!!!!!
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