A lone Hyena fights off a Wild Dog pack of 8

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Have just returned from a 3 week assignment to Sth Africa & Botswana where this amazing encounter between a lone hyena and a pack of 8 African wild dog occurred in the Sabie Sands GR.

Normally encounters like this are very fleeting, lasting just seconds, with the hyena running off quickly, but this situation was a little different, as the lone Hyena was trapped by the high bank and water with the wild dog flanking it on both sides.
The cackling/laughing sounds of the hyena coupled with the squalling squadron of wild dog was amazing.
At one stage the hyena viciously bit down on the neck of one wild dog and it let out a an almighty howl, the wild dog started to wear it down by continually biting his rear and it became a battle of attrition and "backs to the wall", eventually the hyena thought it was better taking his chances with the gaping jaws of a hippo and sat it out in the water.

Wild dog have an inherent fear of water if they know crocs are closeby, so they kept their distance and eventually got bored with it all and moved off to find other prey.

Nikon D4s Nikkor 400 f/2.8E FL 1/1600s f/5.6 ISO640 to 720
Sabie Sands Game Reserve- South Africa.

What's most noticable about all of these images is the waving solid white tails from all the very excited wild dogs. wink.png








This wild dog let out an almighty yelp as the jaws from the hyena clamp down on it's neck! ohmy.png




I'd rather take my chances with a hippo.......thanks!




I love the look from ALL concerned here, even the hippo turns to my camera as if to say "what was that all about??" laugh.png


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    What a great sequence! Dream stuff!! Bravo! I like the ending when everyone has your attention.....except the Hippo, which is still enjoying the show!
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    Wonderful, Marc! I remember seeing these displayed over a whole bunch of sites late last year, but good of you to share them with us here too. thumb.gif
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    Great action sequence!

    Not surprised the hyena backed down to the wild dogs pack, but I would have thought one of the dogs might have been seriously injured in the engagement too.
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    Congratulations on this amazing sequence. This is as good as nature photography gets!

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    This is better than watching a video of them. Absolutely awesome. Everyone quite gripping. The last one is funny! Like they are asking you -- "did you get all of it?"
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    Great shots Marc and isn't it incredible to watch something like this in action. How far away were you? Also in the last shot - the hippo seems to be saying "I'm out of here".
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    bowdown.gif Wow.
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