The Last Supper

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Shot this as a teaser for our short film. Our leads create a new religion, so we thought it'd be fun to play off of The Last Supper a bit. Cast is pretty small so we didn't have enough to fill all the spots haha,more just gently inspired by it.

Shot on a 5DMk3 with a 24mm. All natural light, with the book acting as a nice bounce for our lead's face.

The composition is a touch off I think, but cropping it make it look kind of weird. Also annoyed the wine glass is covering the Bible the mother is holding. Any comments or criticism are appreciated!
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    Very nice
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    Haha! Love it! clap.gif
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    Think it works great!!!
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    Great idea and execution. And a bit provocative, religiously speaking.
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    Love it! The smoke curling on the left is a very nice touch. Also, the feet tell the story :-)
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