Mini-Challenge #228: a rose is a rose RESULTS

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Man, oh, man was this difficult to judge!! The entries were very fine and it was not at all easy to make up my mind. But decisions must be made, so here it is...

Lots of Honorable Mentions:

I love the simplicity of this one.

Jo, the raindrops make this very special. I thought that both this picture and the first of the three could have been cropped more closely to bring out the rose as the subject.


I'll say the same thing to you as to Jo - my personal preference for the rosebud shots is to have more bud and less leaves in the picture. I love the colors and light here.

I really liked the way you told a story here. Nature at work in perfection/imperfection. I also liked your ruffled rose a lot.


First of all, welcome to the challenges! I liked this one, but feel that it's in need of some cropping in order to bring the rose more to the forefront.


So now to the winners...

3rd Place: slpollett
Sherry, Loved the focus, the lighting and the colors of this one although I might have tried to frame it differently or flip it so that the opening of the flower points towards rather than away from the viewer.

2nd Place: Travelways

Tatiana, this was my fave of your three wonderful entries. The red rose against the blue sky is striking. My one very very slight critique is that I wish that the rose were either completely centered in the frame or more off-center.


and the winner is...

1st Place: pegelli
Pieter, all three of your entries were exactly what I was looking for in terms of subject and composition. For me though, this one shone through with clarity, excellent composition and lovely soft lighting.

PEG_A850_00297_20100612_2.jpgFull Size

So Pieter, the ball is in your court - looking forward to the next challenge!

--- Sara


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    Thank you Sara for the 2nd place :)

    .... and once again, Pieter: WOW and Congratulations! clap.gif
    Tatiana - Seeing the world through my camera ...... Facebook
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    Congratulations everyone! Lovely shots!
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    Congratulations to Sherry, Tatiana and Pieter. Looking forward to the next one Pieter!
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    Nice work everyone, and props to all the winners!!!
    Pieter's was easily the winner... knew it when I first saw it... Bravo Pieter!!

    Thanks for being such a great challenge host Sara!
    Here's a rose just for you... wave.gif
    Eric ~ Smugmug
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    Eric, thanks for the beautiful rose! That is actually my very favorite color combination, yellow with red tips. bowdown.gif
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    Congrats to the HM's, Sherry and Tatiana. When I saw the overall quality everybody could have been a winner so I'm very honored that my wild rose came out on top.
    Thanks Sara for the fine subject and judging. I guess the judging must have been the hardest part this time.

    I'll put on my thinking cap for the next mini-challenge. Since we're celebrating my better half's birthday this weekend with a house full of guests it will be Monday or Tuesday next week before I can put something up. I hope that's not a problem headscratch.gif
    Pieter, aka pegelli
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    Congratulations to everyone and especially to sarasphotos for the topic and the helpful comments on the entries
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    Congrats to all, I was surprised to see my shot ,thanks you for the nice comment .
    Jeff W

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