Getting paid - how long?

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What kind of time scale is it for getting payment from SmugMug? I had my payments on hold for a year then when the renewal time came around in mid-June I requested a one time payment which is paid the following month I think. Is it 1st of the month or what? I realise that being in the UK it will probably longer to appear in PayPal but just wondered how long it takes. I haven't received anything as yet.


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    Hi Tartan,

    First, here's the SmugMug help page on all things profits: http://help.smugmug.com/customer/en/portal/articles/93354-how-do-i-get-paid-my-profits-?b_id=1644

    Next, as a SmugMug support Hero, I was unable to locate your SmugMug account. I'm unable to see if all your ducks are in a row and the account is ready to be paid. Assuming that your tax and payment info has been submitted and accepted, you should see your profits sent sometime between now and tomorrow the 8th of June.

    We process profit payments on the first business day after the 7th of each month. If you requested your profits in mid June, you'll be included in July's payment schedule. United States pros are paid via direct deposit to their checking or savings account. All other, 'International' pros are paid via Paypal.

    If you need any further clarification, please feel free to write the support Heroes at help@smugmug.com

    Have an awesome summer!

    SmugMug Support Hero -

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    tartan snowtartan snow Registered Users Posts: 52 Big grins
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    It's in now, thanks
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