Using ipad (connected to pc) as a drawing pad? Is it possible?

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Is it possible to use my ipad as a drawing pad for my pchuh.gif AM i dreaming?


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    You can use your iPad as a drawing pad (there's an app for that) but I didn't find the particularly sophisticated. You can connect your iPad to your PC (There's an app for that also). So theoretically, yeah. If you're hoping for a Wacom tablet like experience though.....nah.

    Here's the link to the app that you can use to "mirror" your iPad screen to your PC (you'll need an active wifi connection):
    There are numerous drawing pad apps on the app store.

    Hope this helps.
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    I use my iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and AstroPad App together, and I love it! There are a ton of drawing apps available to use and it is awesome for editing in photoshop! I can't post a link, so do a search for Astropad App
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