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I am wanting to offer a 6 for the price of 5 coupon for one gallery.
would I set that up under the print credit option? And how would I
set it up so I require them to order the free print along with the original
5 (Not a separate order).

Does this make sense?

Thank you


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    Coupons allow you to offer a discount using one of the coupon types. A coupon would not allow you to sell "6 photos for the price of 5". From the help page at How do I manage and use coupons?
    After you have set custom prices for prints, you may wish to create coupons to reward certain customers, issue print credits, grant free shipping, or allow some people to order your prints at cost.
    The 5 options for coupons allow you to offer an amount off, a percent off, items at cost, a print credit, or free ground shipping.

    In order to offer "6 for the price of 5" I believe you would need to create a package. If you set up a package item for a specific size print and set a quantity of 6, the base cost is shown for the 6 items. According to the help when you click the ? after base price, that is the amount that is owed to SmugMug for the items. If you set your profit to the profit for 5 of the items then you will not get a profit on the 6th item. But the 6th item is still in the base price since SmugMug still needs to be paid for the cost of the item.

    You can limit packages to specific galleries.

    See Can I sell print packages? for more information.

    --- Denise
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