Mini Challenge #230 ~ Parks and Rec., RESULTS

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Thanks to everyone who submitted images for this Mini, it was a nicely varied group of people and places...humor too!
Many of the places shown reminded me to finally visit, or return to them; Europe, Bolsa Chicka, Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Mesa Verde etc...
Cheers and Good Shooting folks!


grandmaR: A charming group of folks having fun outdoors. I actually like the last shot - I wish I could still do that!

Jeff: Beautiful shots in Yosemite... and that Bolsa Chica sun, birds, and orange sky - WOW!

Tatiana: Cool, I really like the 2nd and 3rd - great catch on the Glass Bottom Boat...looks like fun!

Sara: Your regional scenes and bicycle adventures always look inviting and fun... nice work, and the B&W... WOW, I love it!

Pieter: Super candid shots... A nice story told in each - recreation comes in many forms!

GSWayne: Two very wild and exotic locations... cool shots, and nice work getting there!

Jo: Love the bright, fantasy colors in the first two shots and the YNP classic view in B&W looks rich and vintage... nice!

Gretchen: All three are lovely landscape scenes... Joshua Tree is the winner for me, and I've been to the Alaskan glaciers too - what an amazing place in-person!

Honorable Mentions:

grandmaR - The Dune Roller... I know, not entered, but I like it!

GSWayne - Lava Falls... Unless you've done it, you can't know what a wild ride that is!

Third Place: Jo - Nevada County Fair fun in the bubble.
Such an unexpected and fun activity! Love the colors, and I wish I could do this too!

Second Place: Sara - Dordogne and Vézère
This is a very nicely-done candid capture... composition, lighting, such a charming story... I love it!

First Place: Gretchen - Joshua Tree N.P.
This colorful, balanced shot of Joshua Tree is my winner for a couple of reasons; I was just there earlier this year, so, I have a fondness and affinity for this scene...
also, I generally never like landscape compositions presented in portrait aspect... it's just my personal preference...
but, I've looked at this image for quite a while, and from the first, I thought it worked well ... and so, it really impressed me - beautiful!
Congrats Gretchen, you're up!
Eric ~ Smugmug


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    Gretchen and Jo, congratulations - I also enjoyed both of those shots. Thanks Eric, for the second place, and thanks for taking the time to comment on everyone's shots.

    Gretchen, I'm looking forward to the next challenge!

    --- Sara
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    Eric, thank you so much for this first place finish and your kind feedback on this image. Still shocked at being in this position. But I will try to post the new mini-challenge later today or tomorrow.

    Congratulations to Sara and Jo and all the others who participated!

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    Thank you for the nice comments :)

    Congratulation Gretchen - very nice image clap.gifclapclap.gif

    Also congratulations to Sara and Jo clap.gif
    Tatiana - Seeing the world through my camera ...... Facebook
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    Thank you, Sara and Tatiana!
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    A great idea and thoughtful comments. That's almost a greater skill than photography. Thank you for the HM. I wanted to say something about the Lava Falls one - the water looked like it wasn't even wet because it was so brown. I'd love to do that but my children tell me that I can't :(

    The winning shot - such saturated colors and it is just a great photo.
    “" adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered." G.K. Chesterton”
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    Thanks Eric for a great judging effort and all the thoughtful comments. Very much appreciated thumb.gif

    And congrats to Gretchen for winning as well as Sara, Jo, GSWayne and grandmaR for the other places and HM's.

    This was a fun one, with many good entries, so definitely looking forward to what Gretchen comes up with for the next one :ivar
    Pieter, aka pegelli
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    Congratulations to the winner(s) thumb.gifclap.gif
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    Eric, thanks for the 3rd place Boy in bubble . And Gretchen, congratulations on the win - well deserved!
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