Pretty Susan

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I would like some feedback on these if you're inclined. I already see that I need to get some new pose ideas:scratch




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    Lovely young lady.
    Let me start with the basic here:

    On 1 I think the crop is too tight plus upper left corner the light is distracting.
    The fact that only fingers are showing bother me.

    On 2 I've seen this many times where an arm steals the view either due to brightness or amount of space taken in the frame.
    Her face seems secondary to me because of this.

    On 3 there's not much to critique though I would have pointed out her hair as it appears to be a tad out of place on her crown.

    On 4 I'm not liking the nearly dead center placement where I feel negative space to the left would work better for landscape orientation here.

    On 5 I feel this is your strongest shot though I feel her pose is a little forced.
    Perhaps if she would have turned her body towards the camera ever so slightly.

    My personal pet peeve is overdone post processing and in this case I feel there are way too much skin softening and eye popping going on here.

    Just my opinion though
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    I just appreciate pictures for what they are so in your case I really like them and think her character comes out in the pics so well done.
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