Mini Challenge #231: Oceans, Lakes, Rivers and Streams - RESULTS

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First off, congratulations to everyone who participated in this challenge. It was a pleasure to see all these photos of oceans, lakes, rivers, and streams. Your wonderful entries also made it very difficult to select a winner!

Feel free to jump to the end to see the results, but I wanted to respond to all of the participants as a way of thanking you for taking the time and energy to participate!

CCoop Carter, nice variety of photos of water play at Ft. Lauderdale beach! I like the mood of the first photo, taken at twilight with its two different modes of transportation.

sarasphotos Sara, I really like your first entry showing the river Lot and the town of Puy-l'Évêque. It feels peaceful with the still water and subdued palette, and it has great clarity. This shot is a reminder of the way rivers and ports have influenced where towns and cities flourish.

Cavalier Jo, these are all lovely but the color shot of Fern Spring is a favorite. The warm tones of the autumn leaves are a subtle pop of color against the deep green of the moss and ferns. Hope to visit Yosemite someday!

GrandmaR It was fun to see photos where the water looks unusual. I especially liked your third entry showing the boiling Caribbean at the edge of Montserrat. It really shows off the varied colors of the water and the land.

Chandlerja Jeromy, my favorite for this mini is your third entry with the bird flying just above the water. (The first is lovely and the second is fun, but the third says water to me.) I try to get that kind of shot when we visit wetlands in Florida. Good timing!

GSPeP Peter, the lighting and tones of your first entry (showing the sunrise near your home) convey the beauty of this time of day - whether the setting is pastoral or more industrial. Lovely capture!

pegelli Pieter, what a lovely set of photos from the Belgian coast! My personal favorites are 2 and 3 - especially 3 showing the brewing storm. I never tire of watching the water "change" color as a storm approaches. Great capture of the water and sky with details like the sailboats (surprised by the sudden change in the weather?) and the rain falling near the horizon.

Meta4 The freshwater wetland, the aerial panorama of the Southern Ocean at Cape Bruny, and the loaded container ship - all great shots. I am having trouble choosing a personal favorite among them. The photo of the wetlands is quite distinctive. The panorama of the Southern Ocean is amazing with the aerial POV. And I love the subject, composition, and colors of the turning ship.

Earache Eric, my personal favorite of your entries is the shot of the Coronado Islands from Point Loma, San Diego, CA. Love that shining sea and the contrast of the islands. It is also great to see the Nugget Falls at Mendenhall glacier again!

Don Ricklin Don, your photo of the Pier at Walker's Cove is stunning! Great composition and depth.

CJWLUVSJEMS Great shot of your kids playing in Lake Michigan! I like the action you've captured as well as the sunset glow on the water. It would be great to have all 3 children fully in the frame, but I know how hard that can be sometimes! Hope you enjoy participating in Dgrin!

Travelways Tatiana, what a lovely set of entries! I especially like Winter Day by Ottawa River, Canada. Beautiful contrast of the golden light on the falls amid the blue tones of the the snow and ice. My one quibble is that it feels a bit tight on the left side. I would love to see what is just outside the frame. But it is a beautiful shot. (I also like Dows Lake in the Fall from your first set of entries!)

roaddog52 Your shot of the Snoqualmie Falls is lovely! It has an ethereal feel to it with the soft colors, the smooth waterfall and glowing sky.

Zippyzip Welcome to Dgrin and thank you for sharing two lovely photos with us! There is a nice depth and symmetrical feel to the first one. (I also like the photo of the driftwood on the beach in the Charleston area but the challenge ended before you entered it into the challenge.)

kdotaylor Three great shots, Kate! I love the first photo picturing dusk but it evokes silhouette or twilight more than water for me. Gorgeous shot of the Oregon coast!

BBentleyPhoto Welcome to Dgrin and thank you for sharing three great entries with us! Fun to see your photo of the Montana river as it reminds me of time I spent (backpacking) in the backcountry of Wyoming many years ago. Your panorama of San Diego at sunrise is a superb shot. We have had water reflections as a previous theme so I was going a different direction with this theme but it is lovely.

ChrisJ Thanks for sharing these photos from the Big Island! I really like the 2nd one, the Share the World photo. Lovely palm silhouettes against the golden light.

jtb Welcome back to Dgrin! These are all a great fit for this mini, and I had trouble choosing my favorite. I like the way 1 and 3 show children taking in the wonder of the water. I have a slight preference for the third one because of the composition and the inclusion of more water, but in the first photo I like the way we can view what the girl is seeing. Thanks for sharing these!

Now for the Results
Please remember that judging these minis is a subjective process and that we have many excellent entries here! Right on theme, technically excellent, beautiful shots. But I need to come up with a winner. So here goes.

Honorable Mentions (in no particular order)
  • The Brewing Storm by pegelli (Pieter)
  • A loaded container ship taking a bend... by Meta4
  • Winter Day by Ottawa River by TravelWays (Tatiana)
  • The river Lot and the town of Puy-l'Évêque by sarasphotos (Sara)
  • San Diego at Sunrise by BBentleyPhoto (Brent)

[My apologies for not including photos. Writing this lengthy post in Microsoft word and copying into Dgrin may have created a problem? The text runs out of the frame to the right if I add any image - even when resized. The easiest work around is posting a collage of the winning photos in this post.]

3rd Place - Fern Spring by Cavalier (Jo)

2nd Place - Pier at Walker's Cove by Don Ricklin

1st Place Winner - Southern Ocean at Cape Bruny by Meta4
Meta4 has provided a link to a full screen view of his panorama as well.

Congratulations, Meta4! It is now up to you to host the next mini-challenge!


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