Mac Misery

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I have just started working on a Mac. As I am accustomed to them I downloaded both Photoshop Elements and Neat Image (mac versions of course). To my miserable surprise neither program will just go ahead and access the images from Mac's "Photos". To get them to Photoshop I had to download an app (extension) called Open In. However this works backward and is clumsy. You have to double click an individual image in "Photos" then click on Edit then click on extensions then click on open in Photoshop. What's more the edited image doesn't go back to "Photos" it goes to a "cache". In "cache" the photos are listed by file numbers and you have to mouse over each one to see the image. Jeeze Louise!!! I assume others who own Macs have found ways to make them work in a fluid, efficient manner. Can someone explain how I can get direct access to "Photos" from Photoshop and Neat Image? So far it seems the only images I can get direct access to for other processing programs or uploading to forums and sites like Flicker are the ones that went to "cache" after being saved in Photoshop. Thanks. Pulling my hair!
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