Life in the Galapagos

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Greetings Grinners
This is still a 'work in progress' but I wanted to get comments (good and bad please) on this collage of some of the life one see's when they visit the Galapagos.
Hope you enjoy



  • Tony BrittonTony Britton Registered Users Posts: 345 Major grins
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    Hi Spence,

    Overall I really like the concept and layout, which would make a wonderful travel poster! If you were keep this current layout then the only thing you might consider is the selection of a different central image that better compliments a portrait orientation.

  • David_S85David_S85 Administrators Posts: 13,157 moderator
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    Like Tony, I think the concept and layout is just fine, and I agree about the central image orientation. I'm not seeing the need for the mini frames for each image. As they are already small, I think you'd have a stronger impact if each shot could be a tad larger (sans frames). The little frames just make it more complicated to look at.
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    Iirc, you were asking elsewhere on DG about a way of having the smaller pics enlarged as viewer points to them?
    If this is still the intention, then as already mentioned I'd consider losing the frames around the smaller pics ... and possibly add them (if you really feel the need?) when they're enlarged on an individual basis.

    What immediately leaps out to me, however, is the inconsistency of alignment of edges between both the smaller images and the central pic.

    I also agree with TB that a different choice of image for the central portrait would be worth considering.

  • denisegoldbergdenisegoldberg Administrators Posts: 14,193 moderator
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    I'm curious about size. As you've shown it in your post, the photos are too small to enjoy. Even with a hover to make them larger, I'm not sure that the size you are using would even entice me to look further. Where are you planning to show this? And how large?

    --- Denise
  • SpenceSpence Registered Users Posts: 105 Major grins
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    Thank you Denise, PP and Dave for your comments. I really appreciate the feedback and will keep working on it as I have time. Denise - as to showing it?? Not a clue yet..ho ho. Just had this thought to see what it might look like if I put them together. Once I get it to where it can be shown then I would welcome any ideas you all have
    Thanks again and keep the ideas coming. They help a rookie like me.
  • fool4thecityfool4thecity Registered Users Posts: 632 Major grins
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    Maybe a darker color for the background would help bring out the images and their frames. Could be a cool poster but I'd consider adding an element of text, but that would demand a re-working of the entire design layout.
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