Concert Photos - Same Band - A Decade Later

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The band that I started shooting concerts with The Dresden Dolls got back together for a small tour and I got to shoot them on Friday:

1) i-NNHmzxq.jpg

2) i-K54nGgz.jpg

3) i-Mggjg5z.jpg

Going back to 2006 here are some of my first serious photos ever since I just started getting into photography a few months earlier; taken with a D50:

4) i-r24B3KJ.jpg

5) i-z4Zwjrg.jpg

6) i-LzfC8bz.jpg

8) i-jgL9mzS.jpg

Later on in 06 I started using my N70 and high speed film:

8) i-f9HtdRP.jpg

9) i-hHKzwXV.jpg

10) i-mm8XfL5.jpg


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