The Blob Nostoc commune

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In recent years we have been finding these on concrete and tarmac ground surfaces, mostly on the north side of the house but occasionally on the patio on the south side. These shots are from the latter. The subject is one of curiosity, it being difficult to describe it as attractive.

I thought it might be some giant jelly fungus but it looked more like seaweed. It turns out that the latter is more accurate. This used to be in the Bluegreen Algae, now in the Cyanobacteria. It is of culinary interest in China. Some of the origins of the name are far from appetising.

The colour is typically dull green to brownish, sometimes almost black. It is always shiny to some extent but can be very much so.

There are two main bodies, and expanded one about 65mm across and a compact one of 30mm.

EM-1, Kiron 105mm, aperture priority, overcast daylight, hand-held, some shots with bean-bag support.

The stereo is crosseye.






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