Panning: Triathlon Bike

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I have gotten out of the habit of has been a while. I took this shot at the Y Not Tri Triathlon yesterday. I panned every rider and the full shoot can be seen here

Settings: 1/60th @ f/9.0 ISO100

Equipment: EOS 1D MKIV with EF 70mm-200mm (Hand held) Focal length 90mm

I hope you enjoy.



  • OrvSalOrvSal Major grins Thomson, Ga. ex So. Cal.Registered Users Posts: 447 Major grins
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    This is a great pan job! What should be sharp, is, and the motion blur is just right! It is amazing the designs of the racing bikes of today, it's like comparing the NASCAR cars from the 60's to the present ones!
    Have a great day!

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    That's a great pan. I need to do some of these for football. Do you use a rule of thumb like shutter speed = 1/2 focal length (times crop factor)? I don't know if that's a real rule of thumb, just seems to be something I've noticed.

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    Great shot and I love the blurred background and the movement in the rear wheel make its look like he is going fast!
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    Nicely done. I've never had a good keeper rate on these myself. You did great with the shutter speed getting just enough blur in the wheels, pedals/crank to give the final pic the motion it needs.
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    Nice grab well treated

    Good work
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