Worrying about API v2

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Hi there,

I'm a software developer and want to develop desktop tools (Windos, OS X) using Smugmug API.

But what API version should I use ?
v2 is BETA for more than a year

It means there's no more "production" API version !

The"release log" hasn't change since April 2015, about 18 months ago !
The "known issues" are the same for months !
The last "sticky" post in this forum announcing v2 API update is dated in 2014 !

The v2 documentation is really incomplete, the Live API browser is nice but doesn't give all answers.
I've seen others complaining here, but it was months ago and nothing has changed.

I don't want to invest in a deprecated API version and I'm worried about a "BETA nearly production" version which is poorly documented and hasn't change for the last 18 months.

I'm not surprised there are very few existing wrapper for v2, all developers are waiting..

So when can we expect a full documentation and a production release ?




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    edited October 7, 2016
    Hi Olivier,

    You ended up emailing our API support team and raising these questions. Sorry for originally missing this post and not replying here sooner. I know Erik answered your question over email today, but I'd like to post his reply here for anyone else with the same concern.

    While we are still technically in beta with API v2, we are using it widely with our own applications, including our Lightroom Plugin, iOS and Android mobile apps and several parts of the SmugMug website. We are _not_ developing API 1.3 any longer and only security fixes will be applied to it moving forward. We do not currently have a date for when API v2 will exit beta or a public roadmap to share with you. I assure you we are continually working on APIv2 and resolving bugs. We have recently removed the updates page from the website as it was out of date and did not reflect the work that has been happening on the API over the last year. Please know that development has not stagnated.
    SmugMug Product Manager
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