Mini Challenge #233 Look to the Skies - RESULTS

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Awesome! Thanks y'all for submitting a wonderful selection of stunning images!
I very much enjoyed seeing them, and selecting favorites was fun, but challenging... so many deserve to win!

I have matters pressing my time right now, so, I do apologize for not posting extended comments...
which are not really needed this time anyway, as this subject and these images speak for themselves... as in WoW!!

Honorable Mentions

grandmaR ~ 3. Sydney Floating on the Clouds - I like the almost abstract quality here grandmaR.

Tatiana ~ 1. Above the Clouds - Great all-sky airplane shot.. I like this pov... except for the flying part ;-)

Sherry ~ 1. Texas Skies - I love the color gradation and simplicity of the windmill image.

Phil ~ All three of your shots so nicely show those amazing prairie skies!

Pieter ~ 2. Beams - I like the almost monochrome look here... in a sunset no-less!

Third Place ~ Sara 3. Sunset silhouettes, Christmas Day 2015, Munich

I remember this image and I still love it... fantastic composition and human interest!

Second Place ~ Gretchen 2. Fishing

Awesome sky, but the whole scene is wonderful, and the fisher-person adds so much!

First Place ~ Jeromy 1. NIGHT IN NEW MEXICO!

Astrophotography is one of my faves, so, I love the stars and galaxy! I can feel the stillness and solitude... love this one Jeromy!

Thanks again everyone, for a very cool Mini Challenge!
Eric ~ Smugmug


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    Congratulations to Jeromy, Gretchen and the HMs and thank you Eric for singling me out in this great challenge. It was really fun watching the entries in this one!
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    Congratulations to all - I'm always jealous of those people who can do night photos
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    Congratulations, Jeromy! Love your Night in New Mexico shot! Congratulations as well to Sara and all the photographers given HMs. And thank you Eric for your comments on my 2nd entry. Great mini!
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    That Night in New Mexico really is spectacular!
  • JAGJAG Photomaniac Wasilla, AKSuper Moderators Posts: 7,801 moderator
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    Congrats to Jeromy for such an outstanding image!
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    Congratulations, Jeromy! - Wonderful image clap.gif
    Tatiana - Seeing the world through my camera ...... Facebook
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    Congrats Jeromy! Great shot and we look forward to what you have to offer next mwink.gif

    Also congrats to Sara and Gretchen for 3rd and 2nd place, both well deserved among the strong entries all around.
    Pieter, aka pegelli
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    Beautiful image! Congratulations to you!
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    Wow! I wasn't expecting that! SO many great images!
    Thank you! That was a scary shot to take. I was all alone in the middle of nowhere and it was a lot darker than it looks :) Talk about your imagination running wild!!

    Ill post the new challenge this afternoon!

    Thanks again! I really enjoyed getting to see all the great images!
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    Congratulations to the winners and HMs! These inspire me to get back to shooting! Great theme, Eric!
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    Lauren Blackwell
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