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C&C always welcome!

Just as I was considering whether I should be making photography my main gig, I got offered a very nice new musical position. Therefore still multitasking, but life is good.... just very, very BUSY!

5dIII, Youngnuo radio flashes when used. These are every kind of lighting: natural light, natura light with reflector, natural light with flash kicker, and all flash. Depends on the shot and the mood I want :)

1Operatic bass - got a ton of great shots out of him. Really a fun session. These have only had nominal retouching - if he chooses them, I'll probably clean them up a bit more.

2. Young music theater actress. What blows my mind with this one is how much her face changes shape with just tiny shifts of angle. I'd say she looks most like the top one, although the others are definitely there IRL too.


3. Another young MT actress. Tall and slender - she probably could do some modelling if she learned the moves.


3a RIGHT as they were leaving, I saw this shot, said, "HOLD IT!!" and grabbed the camera. So relaxed. So lovely.


4. And, last but not least, another college-bound young MT actress some of you may recognize....



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    My favorite shots ever of a beautiful and very grown up mini-diva!!

    I love your crops on the rest.
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    great pictures! thanks for sharing!
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    Divamum, these are SO very beautiful!!! iloveyou.gif
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    you know what. I just came to terms that my headshots will never look this cool.
    I'll just stick to boring, corporate ones. yep.
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    All really nice! I especially like 3a...so relaxed, as you said, and perfect in every way...second only to--your lovely daughter!
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    Wow you guys know how to make a gal feel good!Thanks for the kind words, all iloveyou.gif

    PS Mitchell, I still aspire to Garage Magic. It's never far from my mind when shooting on my porch!

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    Great stuff as usual. I like the bottom pic of the bass much better than the top which is a little washed out.

    An "accurate" reproduction of a scene and a good photograph are often two different things.
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    Thanks! Looks good on my (calibrated) monitor, but it's not the final edit, and very nearly SOOC. If he chooses it, I'll run it through the numbers :)

    THanks again so much, everybody! iloveyou.gifiloveyou.gifiloveyou.gif
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    They all look great!!! Only nit that I could see is in #3 bottom right. Her left arm could use a slight liquify on the upper forearm where it looks like a slight ding in her arm. Just pull that out a tad and it will be golden.

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    Very stylish and lovely shots, Diva. Congrats. 4a and 4c of that lovely actress are off the charts. iloveyou.gif
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    It has been a really really long time since I have stopped by. Posts like this remind me why I should more often. I really like the second pose of the bass singer. If you are willing to share, I would be interested in your setup for that one. I have a hard time with guys... the few opportunities I have had to photograph men. Thanks for sharing. I am always reminded of how far I have to go when I snoop around here. :-)

    BTW, your daughter has grown up into quite the young lady. I hope she enjoys school!
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    Thanks again, all!

    PhilD41: that moody shot of the bass is a single light (speedlight in a 26" RapidBox, which is a GREAT versatile, lightweight modifier that I use a lot!). I had him stand, face the light, and then look back at me. There's a reflector for fill somewhere to camera right (I don't remember exactly where I had it set - I had to fidddle with it to get it right, as initially too much of his face was in shadow). I try this shot with lots of people, although whether or not it works depends on the chin>shoulder relationship of the person; it sometimes look really bad if they have a short neck or if they can't turn their head to just the right angle without getting lots of creases or their chin touching their shoulder. Clothes and hair make a difference, too.

    Here's another similar shot (same gear/location), although obviously I went with broad-lighting her from the front instead of from side/behind.

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    Thank you very much. I have tried similar setups but have been missing the reflector. I probably need a larger soft box as well. This gives me plenty of ideas to go play with.... If I can just find some free time. Thanks again for sharing. From your additional image this looked like a very versatile setup.

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    Have you performed a few Random Acts of Parenting today? :)
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