Rugby returns to the desert....

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Fall in Phoenix and that means cool temperatures (only 97 on first day of October) and a few rugby scrimmages to start tuning the boys up. Grand Canyon University played a friendly with University of Arizona Saturday. Lots of teaching for the freshmen, and a fun 7's match for the first team.






6 Coach......

Fun day and looking forward to a good season when the full 15's kick off in January. 7's tournament and scrimmages until then.

Also first real workout of my new 7D II and it was great.



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    Great Set Photogbiker.

    you've dealt well with the harsh light & some great action :), personally I'd lose #4!, (not sharp enough, but too sharp for dramatic motion blur), IMHO. Look forward to some more from you now our season has done!

    It's all Football, (Soccer), for me now. Though I may get to one or two Rugby Union games in maybe?. Kind regards Graham.

    C&C most welcome

    Nikon D3s,D3, D2hs x2 Nikkor 70-200 2.8, Nikkor 24-70 2.8, Nikkor AF-SII 300 2.8, Nikkor 1.4 & 1.7 converters etc.
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    Thanks Blue. You're absolutely correct on 4--the athlete liked it, but should have cut from this group. Harsh light was a real challenge that day, either blown out or in dark shadow. And the shadow side had a cool cast and sunny side was going warm later in the day. No idea how we did this with slide film back in the day.......
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