Unused Tamrac Expedition Pack & Rolling Bag

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I'm looking to part ways with 2 BRAND SPANKIN NEW Tamrac camera bags that I have no need for. I acquired them through a friend who used to work at their warehouse.

The first bag is an expedition backpack capable of holding a large amount of gear. At least 2 DSLR bodies and up to 6 lenses or other accessories you may have. This would be ideal for traveling with a lot of gear somewhere that you would need a backpack. There is also a protected slot for a laptop.

The second bag is a smaller, more accessible, rolling backpack that can also be carried on your back. This would be ideal for traveling around the city or if you need to fly for a gig.

I am willing to let the expedition pack go for $200.00 OBO
The rolling backpack I am setting at $150.00 OBO
The buyer would cover shipping as well.

Here is the DropBox link to view the photos ->>


I am located in Burbank, CA if anyone in Los Angeles would like to meet to view the bags.

Thank you in advance for viewing!



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    Please provide exact model number of rolling backpack so I can determine if I can use it. Thanks.

    [email protected]
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