Another senior session

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Again, looking for feedback, especially regarding poses. I can't seem to get enough posing ideas! Props good?








"You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus." Mark Twain


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    For me 2...7..8 knock it out of the park for composition, creativity and exposure. I'm a big fan of vignetting and think it would help but others here think differently. on #1 the bright wall kills it for me but her eyes, smile and beauty help to pull it off. The bokeh seems artificial to me. 3 is just a static, stagnant capture. 4 is cute but the roundness of her back increases her size and her face is smushed into her knee. I always tell the gals barely touch your face to what you want near it. On 5 her head seems out of place in relation to her hand. 6 is a great idea just too much negative space fo me. Maybe with her long arm bent in and a tighter crop would have helped.
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    These are quite nice and a bit hard to pick apart, so I will try to be extra picky just for fun.

    1. I would crop a little off the left, that dark line on the wall draws the eye. The shirt is just on the edge of blowing out in parts.

    2. Shirt again and just a touch at the knees. I'm not a fan of the hand on the chin (personal preference). She doesn't look as relaxed in this shot as the others.

    Edit to add: Missed the fingers poking out under the chin the first time. Looks odd once you notice it.

    3. The hands make her look tense being balled up.

    4. The edge light on the knees. This one was hard to pick anything.

    5. Again the hand on the chin (just a personal preference for me) and the wrist is kind of blowing out into the shirt.

    6. One of the winners for me, but again being extra picky, some small seeds or pieces of weeds on the shirt and there is a slight blow out line on the hand. Interesting choice in props that somehow work with this shot. This is one time the hand under the face works, it looks and feels natural.

    7. I absolutely love this one, but I want to try to be picky. The hair highlights and maybe add a few more books on the right, especially some with more contrasting colors to make them pop.

    8. Kind of hard to pick on anything, so being extra, extra picky, the background is a bit busy.

    Overall these are really good and you have to try very hard to pick apart anything. Personally I would lose #3 simply because she doesn't look very relaxed when grouped with the other shots.

    As a stand alone shot it works although the fists would still cause me to think more than once about deleting it.

    I'm sure that she will be thrilled with these, so great job thumb.gif

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    Thank you so much, Hackbone and Cygnus Studios, for taking the time to comment. All very helpful comments.
    "You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus." Mark Twain
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