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Had a SPECTACULAR day here this past Wednesday. Squeezed a outdoor senior shoot in. Here are a couple.





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    These are great! Stopping by here always reminds me of how far I have to go. :-) I am guessing there is artificial light used in #1 and #2 (at least). It works well in #2 but something seems a little off to me in #1. I love the location though. It might be that it looks like light is coming from two different directions in the background and on her person. #3 is golden here. Love the pose and clarity in the photo. It looks like you both had a great time... which is what it should all be about!
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    For me out of the set #3 is the best. #1 is off because the angle to which you added the light caused shadows under her eyes making her look like she has really bad bags under her eyes. #2 looks nice and in general I like it, but it looks dull. The colors looks really flat to me. Id say toss in a multiply layer on the tree and background and bump the saturation up a tad.
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    These are really nice, especially # 3! The lighting on #1 looks a bit bright on her face, but I love the setting and the pose.
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    I'm a bit bothered by the brightness of her face in relation to the rest of the image. The colors in #1 are great but seem off in 2 and 3.
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    Nice #1 and #3 - agree with comments on the above about #3. Great pose and smile ! jerryr
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    I like the brightness on her face. It immediately makes me drawn to her face. I have also found my clients choose these type of portraits over more traditional when they have a choice. They like the spotlight.
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    I like the second one best. As commented above the last looks a little bright. Good looking girl.
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