Religious Iconography, Santa Fe

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Some shots of the ancient churches and other religious iconography in and around Santa Fe, New Mexico. I welcome comments and suggestions for improvement! Thanks.

1. Adobe Church, circa mid 1700s.

2. Altar with painted alterpiece, circa 1720.

3. Iconography exhibit, Palace of the Governors Historical Museum



6.Lorreto Chapel

7. San Miguel Chapel, oldest church in US. Built 1610-1626.

8. San Miguel

9. San Miguel altarpiece, circa 1708



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    A very colorful set.

    I really like the color, shapes, textures and light of the first image, great composition.

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    I really like the first image, it's exquisite.

    --- Denise
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    Agree with Denise and Phil that the first image is the best of the bunch. My only problem with that one is the sliver of cloud and sky on the left side that could be cropped out to strengthen the image's impact. Wish I could see the bottom of that bell, and then it would become a 10.
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    Thanks Denise, Phil and David. I must agree that sliver of blue should be cropped from the left margin. I also agree about the bell. I tried everything and every position to get it, but came up short, so to speak. I think I might have gotten it if I had a tall step ladder with me.
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    These are all beautiful. I love Santa Fe. It's been too many years since the last time I was there.

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    The first one is quite good, but so are many of the rest. The fifth one is good because of the pattern, and would also work in black and white. The seventh grabbed my attention because of the very good composition, although the odd (museum?) lighting and the resultant shadow compromise it. Good work. Lots of northern New Mexico is photogenic.

  • Eldon SheaEldon Shea Registered Users Posts: 145 Major grins

    Thanks, Michael. I like your gallery. Similar tastes... Thanks, Don. I appreciate the comments. I was trying to imply something supernatural with that shadow, but I guess it didn't work. Unfortunately, when I was there the sun was blazing directly through an adjacent high window...

    Yes, Santa Fe and environs is a target rich environment pretty much any time of year.

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