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I'm using the ios App on iphone and ipad and the latest version 3.1 (4.0.72) does not sort by filename - neither online nor downloaded galleries are sorted correctly lby filename (like in the browser).

I'm 100% sure this was working before.

any ideas?



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    We have a known issue with Gallery sorting in the latest version of the iOS app. We have a fix that is currently going through QA and we hope to release shortly! Stay tuned!
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    thx - but when will the new/corrected version be available? At the moment the ios APP is unuseable!
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    Hi Bernd,
    We're not able to provide an ETA for bug fixes. We'll release the fix as soon as it's ready and approved by Apple. Thanks for your patience and understanding.
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    Has this bug been fixed by now? I see it too in the AppleTV app.

    Cheers, Fons.

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