How do I start moving Albums from Flickr w Smugglr?

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Hi, new SmugMug user, first Dgrin post.

Objective: Copy my Flickr Albums to SmugMug Galleries.

In Chrome, I understand, I can only copy individual photos. Must use Firefox add-on Smugglr to copy Albums. OK....

Dusted off and updated Firefox.

Installed Smugglr add-on. It shows under Firefox Tools menu.

Got as far as a window atop the Firefox window that says "Smugglr" in the title bar, with what appears to be a Flickr page inside, and a line of text that reads: "You have successfully authorized the application SmuggLr to use your credentials. You should now type this code into the application: [numbers]".

Where exactly do I type that code? Smugglr, Flickr, SmugMug? :scratch

Mac OS 10.11.6
Firefox 49.0.2

Thanks very much.


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    Hi Sylvia,

    I've responded to your email to us :). Please reply back there to my question.

    Standing by!
    Kelly | SmugMug Support Specialist
  • sylviawrightsylviawright Registered Users Posts: 2 Beginner grinner
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    Here is the solution, provided by the always super help team at SmugMug:
    • Copy that code (or write it down). Then click Close button.
    • That top window will go away and then you’ll have a box you can enter the code into.
    • After typing the code, select Continue and follow the next steps from there.


    Edit: After rapidly copying 12 Flickr Albums to SmugMug Galleries, using Smugglr, a quick review shows that Album/Gallery names, photo file names and photo captions appear to be intact. This has been discussed elsewhere, so thought I would provide an update.
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