A lovely fall family session

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I have been super busy working towards my degree, but I was really happy I was able to schedule this shoot with this awesome family. They were full of energy and love. Here are some of my favorites :)

1. cd5a0663_orig.jpg
2. cd5a0535_orig.jpg
3. 1_1_orig.jpg
4. cd5a0575_orig.jpg
5. cd5a0637_orig.jpg
6. cd5a0499_orig.jpg
7. cd5a0877_orig.jpg
8. cd5a0926_orig.jpg
9. 2_2_orig.jpg
10. cd5a0946_orig.jpg
11. cd5a0966a_orig.jpg
12. cd5a1060_orig.jpg
13. cd5a0857_orig.jpg

The rest can be seen on my blog

PS - This was my first session using the Canon 5D Mk IV, and I have to say I'm a big fan now :D
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