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This is us.... me and my family... during last weekends photo session we decided to do our family photo for the old annual X-Mas card...... but in a football theme, since "Tis the season" and all.

We had fun being goofy and I think they turned out cool..... just some of the fun you can have with a green screen...... The plan is to do a collage around a central image and send it out for the holiday...:rofl

The Packer fan is myself, the Colts fan my son, Giants my daughter, Pats is the wife :dunno.... and the poor little misguided Bears fan is my future daughter in law. I have more to process, but these are the best of them....


1. 20161119-PB190240NFL-X2.jpg

2. 20161119-PB190241nfl-X2.jpg

3. 20161119-PB190239nfl-X2.jpg

4. 20161119-PB190242nfl-X2.jpg

5. 20161119-PB190250nfl-X2.jpg

6. 20161119-PB190245nfl-X2.jpg

7. 20161119-PB190252nfl-X2.jpg
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