Son's E-Session

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I have taken what seems a million and one shots for my son's engagment session..... some of them are not perfect, but the kids love them and that is all that counts.... this is the main reason I started doing photography... as much as I love my landscape work, I always wanted to be able to take great shots of my kids and family.

1. 20161119-20161119-PB190218look%20smart%20copy-X2.jpg

2. 20161120-PB200295-X2.jpg

3. 20161120-PB200281-Edit-X2.jpg

4. 20161120-PB200111-Edit-X2.jpg

5. 20161119-PB190230neener-X2.jpg

6. 20161119-PB190228finishline-X2.jpg

7. 20161119-PB190223signhips-X2.jpg

8. 20161119-PB190209charcoal-X2.jpg

9. This one was done against a green screen and the theatre is the local small town play theater where we live.... I saw this idea in a photo and placed a wireless triggered glash inside a softbox umbrella.... not as good as the idea I saw, but fun to try something new and different..... 20161119-20161119-PB190176venetian%20smart%20copy-X2.jpg
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    Lots of love going on and you did a great job of capturing it. Always wanted to try the last shot....one of these days.
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