San Luis Water Fowl land on fire

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Spent a day at the Merced Wildlife Reserve and the San Luis Wildlife complex the other week. My timing on visiting the San Luis Waterfowl section of the Complex was unfortunate as a controlled burn was being managed by Fish & Game, essentially shutting me out of that part of the complex. Thank goodness the Merced Waterfowl reserve and the Tule Elk enclosure at San Luis were both free and clear of smoke! This is what the poor waterfowl had to put up with at San Luis. I know managed burns are important in order to stave off wildfires that can do much more damage, but did Fish & Game have to be so diligent on that day? :D


At least one crane was headed north, away from the fire!


It was a little better at the Merced Reserve where lots of snow geese were flying, playing, eating, with very loud squabbles with only the morning haze interfering.


I'm headed back down there as soon as this rain lets up. Hopefully more Sandhill Cranes will be dancing around by then.


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    Great captures regardless of plans. I really like the B&W conversions and the last image of the snow geese in flight.

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    Thanks Roaddog52. I love BW and sometimes tend to overdo! And watching and listening to the geese is almost as much fun as shooting (camera) them!
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    First two are brilliant Jo! I know what you were going for in the third one, but the weeds are distracting and feel like they were unintended.....I know you wanted them....maybe get even lower and give them bit more prominence.....JMO. Cheers!
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    Some very good documentary photography with the first two. I would straighten your horizon on the first, though, as the tilt is somewhat distracting.

    Re: #3: I agree with the above comment about the foreground grasses. Sometimes that works, and sometimes it doesn't, depending on the subject matter. I love the scene and the B&W conversion - it suits the subject very well.
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    Taz and David - thanks for your thoughtful comments and suggestions. I see what you mean with the grass in #3 and will keep that in mind next time. And yes, I forgot to straighten the horizon in the first, Duh!
    Thanks again.
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