Taylor Hobson: Trichia decipiens

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Not knowing the effective extension of the lens on the standard M42 adapters, I decided to try a smaller aperture than I used in the first outing for the lens. I wanted a smaller subject than used previously and one in good condition.

Yesterday, I found just the subject, some fruiting bodied of a slime mould. The DOF at nominal f8 on the lens should be suffient. Having no choice, the FOV was, again, 4mm on the m4/3 and 8mm on the full frame. The lighting was similar, triple flash for the EM-1 and twin for the A7R. I made the mistake of moving on flash too far around the back of the subject for the A7R, giving awful hexagonal flare. I cut much of that out of the top of the fourth image, the others being uncropped.

The images were processed as previously. The aperture is the only significant difference. I had intended to use f8 but the marking on the lens is difficult to see and it was between f8 and f11, the additional DOF being useful, if not essential. The stereo is crosseye.

The results are pretty good. The tiniest difference in focus on the stems of the fruting body can greatly affect the detail, so I am reserving final evaluation. The DOF was just sufficient unless the subject was leaning towards or away from the lens.

The colour is more realistic in the A7R images but I may have use different adjustment for contrast.








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