Then and Now Mini Challenge results

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Passage of Time - Mini Challenge #237

Xinjin Zhao - Very interesting take on the problem. Who would have thought that the soviet army had pink hats

BMW Kurt - The steak was very clever.

I really like Frau and I1925317_10203562268274055_8986025485672905291_n-L.jpg

travelways- Parliament hill was great. But I am more intrigues by the faux Venice
HM venetian-las-vegas-2-XL.jpg

sapphire73 I am having trouble deciding between 1 and 3 so I give this one HM

pegelli - I liked the vacant lot and the new mega-mansion.

i've given the aunt's house
3nd place PEG_A850_3_01119_20150818-XL.jpg

Cavalier - I keep coming back to the Yellowstone pictures and trying to find the correspondence. I love the little dog too, but the lake pictures are exactly what I was looking for

2nd place IMG_3193%20saturation%20and%20highlights-X2.jpg


I liked the melon picture but I really like the trees

1st place
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