Seeking: dog & cat photos

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Hello all,

I'm starting a blog about natural food and lifestyles for pet dogs and cats. I can buy stock photos from iStock and the other usual suspects, but I've been a SmugMug user for a decade now, so I thought I'd check here first to see whether anyone is working in these kind of images.

I feel like there might be a greater chance of avoiding re-use, and would also like to support this community.

I'm looking for all breeds, any environments, and will need a few dozen to start with. Please contact me if you have high-quality pet images, and kindly let me know your pricing as applicable.


P.S. Will also be seeking light graphic design work--logo and favicon type stuff.


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    Hi Mike, please take a glance at my site. and see if there is anything that may fit what you're looking for. Price could be negotiated offline if you are interested. Thanks!

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    I also have some. I don't know that I have dozens, but I do have 5 cats and I'm constantly taking photos of them. Here's the link to my galleries for pets.

    Sherry P.

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    I sometimes take pics of the odd random dog that crosses my path when out at my usual waterfowl venue*, when there's nothing else happening and I want to check the AF is still working.
    Since these pics have been taken with my usual birding kit, (500mm f4) from ground or water level, I suspect they'll be rather different from many other offerings - especially water level shots of dogs swimming etc.
    None of these pics are on line, but checking my Flickr site(s) might give you some idea of what to expect.
    I won't have many, and they'll all have been taken outdoors, with ambient light (no fill flash)

    Most pet shots I see have been taken from too high a pov imo, btw :)


    • Public space shared with dog walkers / joggers / cyclists etc.
  • ridin gaijinridin gaijin Beginner grinner Registered Users Posts: 2 Beginner grinner
    Thanks very much everyone - some striking images to be sure. We're reaching out by PM to folks we'd like to follow up with.

    Best - Mike
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    I do volunteer work with a greyhound rescue organization.

    Not all the pics are stellar. (Most aren't) I'm not a professional photog, Most of this is just documentation & grabbing shots of the dogs at intakes, snapshots for historical purposes; and taking photos of the dogs we have fostered. I'm generally pretty busy at an intake and its a mad rush to get them bathed, groomed, remove all the ticks and give them their meds, and we grab a few mugshots to help with the adoption process, its not intended to be great photography at that point.
    feel free to poke around and let me know if there's something you like. I'm not concerned for renumeration but I would want to know if you are using something.

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    I'll play...........

    Let me know if there is anything you could use.


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    Some adorable kitties at
    No payment required if they just appear on a blog, just keep the metadata intact.

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    I have a few. Please email at [email protected] if anything grabs your attention.

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